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The best way to maintain your garden is to lay down mulch in Tampa, FL. This doesn’t just help out the aesthetics of your yard, it also helps out the plants, bushes, and shrubs in your garden. It’s an incredible material because it actually constricts weed growth tremendously. You won’t have to worry about weeds growing around your beloved flowers. Not just that, but it adds a layer of biological moisture absorbent material that helps plant life grow. Also it helps break down the underlying soil to promote healthy, vitamin-rich grounds to plant vegetation in.

Mulch in Tampa, FL helps to regulate temperatures in favor of the plants, regardless of climate or humidity. Furthermore, mulch acts as a buffer for soil compaction, meaning the rain that would otherwise put pressure on roots instead acts as nourishment. This also means that any soil encrusted over the flora would also provide soil rich nutrients instead of preventing moisture blockage. In pretty much every way possible, mulch in Tampa, FL helps your backyard plants grow better, fuller, and quicker than ever before.

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For most homes, it’s recommended that you have mulch about three inches deep around the plants and their predictable growth zones. This means that you will need a calculated cubic square foot area for the amount of mulch necessary to cover the area. Many homes are going to want an appropriate number of cubic yards to cover a hundred square feet on average. In some cases it can be as easy as measuring the footage and dividing by one hundred to figure out the entire amount needed for your yard. Or to be more accurate, measuring the length and width of the area that needs mulching, and then performing the division. Allocating the mulch mathematically is the most efficient way to make sure that your backyard is fully covered effectively. This makes sure that your mulch depth is adequate to correctly perform the various functions that the material can perform. Purchase wise, it’s roughly two bags per ten cubic yards to achieve three inches deep of mulch. This means that an average backyard of fifty cubic feet would need roughly eight or nine bags to complete the job. All in all however, the result is well worth the cost, with a breathtaking garden and healthy plant life flourishing.

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Tampa Mulch FAQ

What kind of mulch in Tampa, FL is best for my garden?

Essentially there are a few key components that quality mulch breaks down to. First off, that the Tampa mulch is actually organic material. While it may sound obvious to some, heavily treated wood chips will do the opposite of the intended effect. Second, mulch that is too small or too finely ground will not have the same results. While they are useful for enriching the minerals of the soil, the do break down too fast. This means that weeds can grow up around the intended plants and moisture won’t have the same effect. Not only that, but smaller wood chips will move around more and not perform a protective barrier around your flowers. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Chips that are too large or cumbersome will choke the plant. While they stay in place, they also block sunlight. Otherwise, aged mulch for Tampa, FL plantlife is always preferable to fresh, newly made chips. While there are other stylistic approaches available, for the most part you’re going to want dark brown mulch for your backyard. Not only is this type completely natural, it ensures that no dyes or unnatural chemicals has been added to the material. On the subject of chemicals, it’s also important to know if the mulch you have has been treated or not, because there’s a correlation between untreated wood and the amount of pests or diseases they might contain. With that being said, termites are not a problem for mulch despite the fact that they are easily broken down wood chips, This is because termites are subterranean insects and will rarely venture into sunlight.

Is there a difference between Tampa mulches?

There are a few options you have when selecting a mulch in Tampa, FL. Hardwood bark is certainly the most common, and most reliable mulching material. It is quite simply the bark from a hardwood tree taken off of a literal sawmill, then chipped and distributed. While anything labeled “hardwood mulch” can be anything consisting of hardwood bark chips. This means that different trees can be mixed and matched as long as it qualifies as hardwood. Any whitewood tree mulch constitutes as hardwood, and can also be thrown into the mix. Finally, colored mulch is just hardwood with a dye added for an intended effect. However, this kind of material may also be more likely to contain chemicals that could potentially harm your garden.