Desertscape - Tampa, FL


For many homes close to the desert or sand, there are a few ways you can make your house far more appealing, far more water conservative, and far more interesting. Desertscape in Tampa, FL is a brand new trend sweeping across the nation which is appealing to the environmentally friendly focus of homeowners in the modern age. It typically involves turning your yard into a veritable zen garden of style and aesthetics. Sand, cacti, rocks, sand dunes, boulders, hills, and plant life can all contribute to your Tampa desertscape.

Not only will this enhance the view from inside your home, it will also boost the curb appeal to your home’s exterior, and make you a much more green and eco-friendly space. Design an exotic, beautiful scene from the comfort of your own home, raising the value of your property and giving a hand to the indigenous life surrounding Tampa. Desertscape is a wonderfully creative, slightly alternative approach to local landscaping in Tampa, FL.

Our Desertscape Services in Tampa, FL

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Decorative desertscape in Tampa, FL isn’t just limited to the naturally occurring beauties you’ll find in the region. There are many different cosmetic options available to make your custom desert oasis even more exotic. First off, cement patios and pavers can clearly mark your backyard apart from the bushland, achieving that perfect balance between man and nature. Afterwards, why not throw some furniture on the patio? Patio furniture is a great addition to any backyard. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces are always a hit, especially for some summer grilling on the beach. There’s nothing like relaxing with a burger and a cool drink while feeling the sand beneath your toes. And while you’re at it, constructing a shade structure will make sure you and your guests are comfortable for the duration of the get together.



Tampa Desertscape FAQ

What is xeriscaping in Tampa, FL?

Xeriscaping is just desertscaping but with one added goal specifically in mind: water conservation. Generally this is applied to areas without regular, or reliable access to water. Essentially it’s a way to form irrigation to low water areas without the use of unnatural materials. This means that instead the builders rely on naturally formed landscape and tweak it to be more forgiving in the hot climates. Plants that are more used to the area are planted along with non-native species to prevent water loss. The shadows cast on the plant life at different times of the day are also taken into account. It’s a very water-conserving, ultra-efficient form of desertscape for Tampa, FL homes that reduces waste, decreases likelihood of drought, reduces the amount of maintenance needed, and boosts the lifespan of non-indigenous plants in the area. There are only three real downsides, one of which is the fact that xeriscaping in Tampa, FL may contain hazardous plants like cacti. Also even though the maintenance cost is so low, the initial installation cost is fairly high. Otherwise the aesthetics of xeriscaping don’t always quite match up to landscape design simply because water conservation is the top priority.

What are some ideas for desertscape in Tampa, FL?

Let’s focus on the many different plants. Everybody knows what cacti look like, but few know the versatility of the plant as an aesthetic choice. Prickly Pear Cacti can grow a large variety of different colored flowers with different shapes and designs. While best known for its appearance in western movies right before a shootout, tumbleweed is actually a lush cornucopia of life and greens before it turns into its more recognized husk form. Typically the most recognized form of plant in Tampa desertscape is the Saguaro cactus, recognized for its long limbs, lanky structure, and prickly composition. This is the cowboy plant you’ve seen in every western, and make a great standalone addition to any home. Conversely, Mexican poppies are great at covering large areas and fields, come in many shapes and colors, and live harmoniously with the Prickly Pear Cactus. Finally weathered trees, wildflowers, and decorative rocks can make great filler for any desertscape in Tampa, FL. Overall however, it’s up to your personal preferences and taste when it comes to desertscape in Tampa, FL.